Production Capacity of Hammer Crusher

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Brief Introduction of Hammer Crusher

Widely used in the mining crushing industry, without the help of other equipments, the hammer crusher can crush the large-block material into materials with 20 mm with one-time forming. Hammer crusher has a wide-range use, for example, the cement sector, electricity sector, chemicals sector, metallurgy and other sectors.

With the rapid development of economy, there are more and more hammer crushers with different models and production capacities in the nowadays market. Now let's introduce the factors affecting the production capacity of the hammer crusher.

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Factors Affecting the Production Capacity of the Hammer Crusher

1. the Hardness of the Material

The harder the materials are, the more difficult to crush. It is difficult for crusher to break the material exceeding its crushing strength. In order to guarantee its smooth running, customers need choose the material conforming to the crushing strength of the hammer crusher.

2. Feeding Type

Uniform feeding is very important in the process of running. You need guarantee the continuing feeding. No materials and overmuch material are not allowed.

3.Particle Size of Finished Products

As we know, the crushing capacity of equipment will reduce because of the thin particle size of finished products. Decrease of the crushing capacity directly lead to a reduction of production capacity. If the customer does not do special requirements, it is best to break the material to a medium size, which will not affect the production capacity of the hammer crusher.

4. Quality and Property of the Equipment

Good equipment has certain advantage in its quality and property. When customers choose the hammer crusher, you must choose the manufacturer with large scale and strong power to guarantee the quality and property of the equipment.

5. the Size of Materials

The size of materials cannot exceed the range of the feed inlet, which will improve the crushing efficiency and the production capacity. You need deal with the material if its size exceeds the range of the feed inlet.

6. Viscosity of materials

Materials with high viscosity will adhere to the device wall, affecting the material transport. So choosing materials with proper viscosity is very important.

7. the Composition of the Material

The large amount of materials' fine powder will make the equipment inconvenient running. We need filter the material firstly in case of the trouble caused by too much fine poeder.

How to Improve the Production Capacity

1. The larger the model is, the larger the production capacity will be. If conditions are permitting, we can change a larger model with stronger production capacity.

2. Choose the hammer crusher with good quality and property. Large manufacturer will guarantee the quality and help improve the production capacity. It is your right choice.

3. The hardness and humidness of your materials need match with your crusher model. It is difficult to crush hard materials and it will affect the running of equipment if materials are too tidy.

4. After working for a period of time, we'd better to check and repair the hammer crusher. We need make timely dealt with the loose and worn parts.

5. We need have full materials supply in case the halt in the process of equipments running.

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