The Common Fault and Elimination Methods of Hammer Crusher

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Hammer crusher is suitable for crushing all kinds of medium-hard and crisp materials such as coal, cement, gypsum, white alum, brick, tile and limestone, and the compression strength of the materials to be crushed should not exceed 300MPa, and the moisture should be lower than 15%. At present, hammer crusher is widely used as the ideal product for manufacturing artificial sand.

The common fault and elimination method of hammer crusher:

1. The bearing of the accessories is too hot.

Causes: insufficient lubricating grease; too much lubricating grease, the lubricating grease is filthy or goes bad; the bearing is damaged.

Solution: fill proper amount of lubricating grease; the lubricating grease inside the bearing should be 50% of its volume; clean the bearing; change new lubricating grease; change new bearing.

2. The discharging granularity is too big.

Causes: the abrasion of the hammers is too serious; the grating bar breaks.

Solution: change new hammers; change new grating bar.

3. The output decreases.

Causes: the gap of the grating bar is blocked; the material feeding is not even.

Solution: Stop the machine, clean the obstruction in the gap of the grating bar; adjust the material feeding device.

4. The elastic coupling produces knocks.

Causes: the elastic ring is abraded.

Solution: Stop the machine and screw down the spindle nut; change new elastic ring.

5. There is knocks inside the machine.

Causes: non-crushable materials go inside the machine; the fasteners of the lining boars is lose; hammers know on the lining board; hammers or other spare parts break.

Solution: Stop the machine, clean the crushing chamber; check the fastening condition of the lining board and the gap between the hammers and the grating bar; change the broken spare parts.

6. The machine vibrates.

Causes: When changing the hammers or the hammers are abraded, the static balance of the rotor does not up to the standard; the hammers break, so that the rotor loses balance; pin roll bends or breaks; the foundation bolt is loose.

Solution: Dismount the hammers and choose new ones according to the weight to make the total weight of the hammers on every hammer axle equals the total weight of the hammers on the opposite hammer axle; change new hammers; change new pin rolls; fasten the foundation bolts.

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