Hydraulic Cone Crusher for Quarry Has New Development Way

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The improvement of jaw crusher and impact crusher has developed to a certain stage. And cone crusher for quarry also has its own developing history. It finally forms two patterns: the spring-type and hydraulic-type. On the basis of constant technological innovation, quarry cone crusher has become a piece of more and more progressive crushing equipment. Hydraulic cone crusher is an advanced crusher at present and highly praised by many users.

Hydraulic Cone Crusher for Quarry

Even though hydraulic cone crusher and the traditional crusher have obvious distinction during the course of structural design and manufacture. It focuses all the advantages of other types of cone crushers. Fote Machinery lays great importance on technological innovation, closely keeps up with the pace of the times and develops new equipment continuously. The new hydraulic cone crusher has better quality and higher automatic level and grows into an outstanding crushing device in the mining machinery market. Compared with spring cone crusher, the new hydraulic cone crusher for quarry has a higher efficiency, higher productivity and better finished shape. Moreover, it is more convenient to maintain.

When the hydraulic cone crusher is working, the motor drives the transmission shaft, and the transmission gear drives the eccentric bushing to rotate. The materials are broken through compression and impact in the crushing cavity and then discharged from the outlet.

The new-type hydraulic cone crusher for quarry is more suitable for crushing iron ore, limestone, cobble and all kinds of hard ores. The finished product produced by quarry hydraulic cone crusher has better product shape than spring cone crusher. Only through constant innovation and progresses, can the cone crusher find a way out.

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