What Can Affect the De-Iron Effect in Ore Dressing Process?

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In the beneficiation process, iron-removing work is very important for protecting the ore dressing equipment, such as stone crusher, magnetic separator or flotation machine. De-ironing separator is a kind of necessary device which can generate strong magnetic attraction. It is aimed at removing the magnetic impurities mixed in the mineral materials, in order to ensure the crushing machine, grinding machine and other machinery in the system working safely and normally. Meanwhile, it can effectively prevent the iron impurities from scratching the conveying belt and significantly improve raw material grade.

Zimbabwe 700tpd Ore Processing Plant Project

1.The heat dissipation of the electromagnetic iron remover has an influence on the de-ferrous effect.

Magnetic field intensity is proportional to the current, but the current varies inversely as the resistance. And the resistance of electric coil increases with temperature rise. So as the conduction time extends, the electric coil temperature rises gradually, the resistance increases with it and the current decreases accordingly. Thus, the magnetic field intensity is weakened until reach a dynamic equilibrium. Therefore, the heat dissipation effect of the iron remover is a vital factor to keep the magnetic field intensity from being weakened sharply.

2.The iron parts next to iron remover's magnetic field can affect the de-ironing effect.

De-ironing is a complex physical process. After the iron parts around the iron remover are magnetized, the de-ironing effect will be affected. There are carrier rollers and other iron components under the iron separator. And the iron parts in different shapes after magnetized will form complex complementary magnetic fields. Among them, the magnetic field perpendicular to the carrier roller has a big influence on the iron parts. But the magnetic strength is not large in value and decreases rapidly as the carrier roller stays away.

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