The Advantages of Three Drum Dryer Compared with Single Cylinder Dryer

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Nowadays, a number of dryer manufacturers are beginning to modify their drying equipment. Single cylinder dryer is developing well based on the traditional drying techniques. But on the market there are emerging a lot of drying products. It requests manufacturers to spare more efforts on product research and development and try to promote dryer's technical content. Under this situation, three drum dryer was born.

Three-drum Dryer

Three drum dryer is a kind of energy-efficient product modified on the basis of single cylinder rotary dryer. This dryer machine has been highly recognized in many fields and has achieved good operation results. Three drum dryer increase a pre-drying procedure to the wet materials and extend the drying time inside the dryer. In addition to sealing, thermal insulation and other rational supporting measures, the production ability and efficiency of three drum dryer is significantly improved compared with the original single cylinder dryer. Three drum dryer is of advanced technique, reasonable operating parameters and simplified operation. Now it is widely used for drying mineral waste and other mixed materials in various industries.

Materials exchange heat with the hot air in the internal cylinder through radiation, convection and conduction. In the external cylinder, heat exchange is conducted by means of conduction and convection. That's why the three drum dryer has high thermal efficiency and outstanding energy-saving effect. What's more important is that this dryer has a low outlet temperature, conductive to prolonging the dust removal system's service life at the tail.

Fote Machinery is focused on researching and producing all kinds of dryer machines for industrial uses. Three drum dryer has a great number of advantages, but it still has its own disadvantages. It cannot be used to dying high-viscosity materials. So in the production customers should conform to their own actual production conditions to select the most appropriate drying equipment.

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