Production and Technical Experience of Artificial Sand at Home and Abroad

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The processing craft of artificial sand can be divided into 2 types: wet sand making craft and dry sand making draft. Limited by the feeding size before, sand making materials are gained after multiple stage crushing. Traditional sand maker equipment has a complicated craft because of its requirement of feeding size. With the development of crushing and screening technology, there is high-property crushing equipment whose feeding size has reached 40-60mm.

Sand Making Machine

Artificial sand not only needs gain qualified fineness modulus and good particle property, but also remove the spare clay and rock flour reducing the moisture content of finished sand.

1. Wet Sand Making Craft

Rod mill is the most common wet sand making equipment. Its feeding size is 5-25mm. There is little more than 5mm macadam in its finished production. Discharge products will be divided into artificial sand and waste muddy water by the spiral classifier and the hydro clone. At last the waste muddy water will be send into spiral classifier to recycle the flowing fine sand. In the water-power engineering at home and abroad, the wet sand making craft will use professional cleaning equipment to deal with the waste muddy water.

2. Dry Sand Making Craft

Now I will introduce its typical production flow. The sand maker will receive the 5-40mm gravel materials. The gravel materials more than 5mm will be removed by the screening equipment and part of the 2.5mm-5mm gravel materials will be send to sand maker for process again. The fine sand less than 0.6mm will remove the spare mountain flour through air classifier. At the same time, the gravel materials less than 2.5mm will be divided into two ranges, the 0.6mm-2.5mm and less than 0.6mm. At last the uniform mixture of materials with these three ranges will make the satisfied artificial sand.

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