The Three Major Performance of Fote Ball Mill Makes the Thai People Dumbfounded

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Now the ball mill of Fote has opened the international market quietly, it is very popular in The United States, Thailand, Burma, South Africa, Egypt and many other countries.

Recently, another batch of ball mill was sent to Thailand and has been put into production,which got high praise of the user. It is understood that the user is very satisfied with the three performance of Fote ball mill below.

ball mill

Intelligent security, low cost

The control system of the ball mill is high-end and advanced, it has made great breakthroughs in automation production. And can achieve almost unmanned production, the operation process is more safe and reliable, can save a lot of human and material investment.

According to the user, their old ball mill needs artificial production, which wasted a lot of human and material resources. But the production and investment costs are greatly reduced ever since the selection of Fote ball mill.


Energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection


The power system is optimized in depth, the energy consumption is greatly reduced and the production capacity is stronger. In addition, the design of the unique dynamic pulping method, reduced the viscosity of the material, decreased the water consumption and material evaporation, and the power consumption has been greatly reduced.

At the same time, Fote machine always uphold the concept of low-carbon and environmental protection, in order to achieve zero dust production, configured high-end dust and silencer devices, improved the production environment effectively, meet the requirements of contemporary low carbon environmental protection standards.

ball mill

High yield, high efficiency, reliable quality


Mature grinding technology, production capacity is relatively strong, the processing capacity of materials is greater in unit time, production and grinding efficiency is higher.

Grinding media, lining panels and other components are created with wear-resistant alloy process, toughness and sturdiness are greatly enhanced, can meet the high standards production requirements of the users.

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