The Six Factors You Must Know to Improve the Production of Sand Making Machine

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With the successful conclusion of the 19th National Congress, the gravel industry will usher in a new round of development opportunities and a promising prospect for the industry. Recently, however, some users have left a message to Fote machinery that his sand making machine has a low output and asked what the reason is. FTM experts want to say, this is not a single case, in the actual production process, there are many factors related to the production capacity of the sand maker machine. For example: the properties of the material itself, the fineness of finished sand, equipment maintenance and its own quality and so on. Well, today we will talk about the factors you should pay attention to and the aspects you should do in order to improve the sand production capacity.

sand making machine

First, the material properties are different.

Different materials have different properties , such as humidity, viscosity, hardness and so on, which led to different production of sand making machine.

1, material humidity

Material with higher water content is easy to adhere when it is being crushed in the sand making machine, it is also easy to jam in the process of feeding and conveying, resulting in a decrease of the sand making capacity.

2, material viscosity

As we all know that the greater the viscosity of the material, the stronger the adhesion. In actual production, the material with high viscosity will adhere to the inner wall of the crushing chamber of the sand making machine, if it can not be removed in time, it will seriously affect the working efficiency of sand making machine, even may lead to abnormal work of sand making machine. To this end, in the choice of materials, we must pay attention to the viscosity of the material to be appropriate.

3, material hardness

The greater the hardness of the material, the harder it is to make sand, the more wear and tear on the device. Sand production efficiency will be reduced if the hardness of the material is great, and the capacity will be low. This requires us to moderate the choice of materials.

sand making machine

4, the material composition

Before sand making, the more fine powders contained in the material, the more influence on the efficiency of sand making, as these fine powders are easy to adhere and affect conveying. The material with large powder content should be screened in advance, take out the fine powder from the material as much as possible.

Second, the requirements on the fineness of finished sand are different.

The finer the fineness of the finished sand, the smaller the capacity will be, this depends on the user's requirements, and if there is no special requirements, the fineness of the material is generally set to medium.

Third, the configuration scheme of the sand production line is reasonable or not.

In order to meet the requirements of production capacity, the production of sand production line should be considered comprehensively, and the final output has a close relationship with all the equipment of the whole production line. For example, if your production requirement is 800t/h, you should not only ask for the capacity of sand making machine reach 800t/h, jaw crusher or cone crusher, sand washing machine, belt conveyor and so on should be matched, otherwise it can not reach the expected result.

Fourth, sand making machine models vary.

At present, there are many types of sand making machines on the market, and the sand making machines produced by each manufacturer have some difference, the energy consumption and sand output of different equipment are not the same in the process of operation, users should have a certain understanding of their own production in the purchase of equipment and buy the appropriate type of sand making machine, otherwise it will not only affect the efficiency of the equipment, and may need more cost.

sand making machines

Fifth, the quality difference of sand making machine itself.

Sand making machine of high quality is not only to energy saving and environmental protection, but also easy to achieve the desired output, high quality equipment manufacturers choose new type high wear-resistant materials in the production of equipment, using the international leading production technology, the produced equipment can meet the production demand well, which provides more favorable equipment guarantee for continuous, efficient and safe production.

Sixth, whether the standard operation, regular maintenance and repair or not.

The standard operation and regular maintenance of sand making machine will also affect the output of the equipment. If a sand making machine is not standardized in operation and not regularly maintained, it will lead to the rapid wear of parts and equipment, greatly reduce the service life of the equipment, resulting in less production in unit time.

The improvement on the production of sand making machine has a great relationship with the above six factors, users should consider their own actual situation in the purchase, in order to find out their own material crushing equipment.

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