Hunan has Conquered The World Problem of Fluorite Recovery Technology

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Recently, the low temperature and high efficiency flotation technology of complex associated fluoriteundertaken by Hunan Changsha Research Institute Of Mining And Metallurgy, has been formally put into production after the acceptance. It means that the world problem of complex recovery of the associated fluorite has made great breakthrough in Hunan, China.

Chenzhou Shizhuyuan is the enriched land with a variety of nonferrous metals which is rare in the world, among them, the associated fluorite reserves are nearly 1 billion tons, accounting for 70% of the total amount of associated fluorite in the country, and the potential value is up to more than 220 billion yuan. After pre-polymetallic beneficiation, the tailings contain a large amount of non-recycled fluorite resources.


However, there are some problems such as low main grade, high impurity content. And at the same time, the residual multi-metal mineral processing reagents also have a big interference on the effect of fluorite flotation. So the fluorite recovery has become a recognized problem in the mining industry, it has repeatedly included in the national scientific and technological planning.

In order to make full use of the tailings of fluorite resources in Shizhuyuan, Hunan non-ferrous Chenzhou Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd. organized special purpose. But it is restricted by technology, in recent years, the grade of fluorite concentrate recovered from tailings is only 88%, and the recovery rate is about 45%. The recovery of fluorite concentrate is difficult to meet the application requirements of chemical industry.


Changsha Research Institute Of Mining And Metallurgy started the study on the comprehensive recovery of the associated fluorite. After 5 years of study, a complete set of technology for high efficiency recovery of complicated associated fluorite has been formed. According to the different optimum flotation separation range between the fluorite and the gangue, original step inhibition process, improved the grade of fluorite concentrate; The development of new stripping technology can improve the surface properties of fluorite, enhance its floatability and improve the recovery rate. Innovative fluorite flotation reagents is selected in order to solve the difficulty of unstable effect on fluorite recovery due to the low temperature resistance and poor acid and alkali resistance of the conventional fluorite flotation agent.

In August 2016, Hunan non-ferrous Chenzhou Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd. carried out industrial experiments on the achievements of the study, the quality and production of fluorite concentrate are both increased. At present, the grade of concentrate can be over 93%, and the recovery rate can be more than 70%. Zhang Yongzhong, general manager of Hunan non-ferrous Chenzhou Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd., said this has been the world's leading level.

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