What is the Working Principle and Relative Merits of Hammer Crusher?

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(1) Working Principle of Hammer Crusher

Hammer crusher completes the material crushing process only relying on the impact force. When it works, the motor drives the rotor to rotate with high speed, and the materials will evenly go into the crushing chamber. Under the impacting, cutting and splitting force of the high-speed rotation, the materials will be crushed. The gravity of the materials will make them throw from the high-speed rotating hammers to the baffle and grating bar inside the frame and the materials bigger than the screen size will be retained on the screening board to be impacted and ground by the hammers until reach the needed discharging granularity and then discharged from the machine.

(2) Advantages of Hammer Crusher

Hammer crusher has such advantages as big crushing ratio, high production capacity, even product, low energy consumption for unit product, simple structure, light weight and easy operation and maintenance.

(3) Disadvantages of Hammer Crusher

Hammer crusher machine is suitable for crushing medium-hard and crisp materials such as limestone, coal, sale, gypsum, alums, brick, tile and gangue. In the crushing process, the hammers and the grating bar will be quickly abraded, and it takes long time to check, repair and find out the balance. When crushing hard materials, the abrasion will be even faster. When crushing sticky and moist materials, the materials may block the gap of the grating bar, which will cause stoppage of the machine.

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