It’s too Advanced That The World’s First Intelligent Mine’s Appearance

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From mobile phones to robots, Artificial intelligence technology is more and more common in life. We can see it’s figures from many industries, as for mining, which is no exception. Nowadays, the world’s first intelligent mine is going to embark on a journey.

The chief executive of Rio Tinto, the world’s mining giant, recently revealed in an interview with the Economist, they will seek the board’s approval to invest up 2.2 billion dollars in the world’s first pure“ Smart Mine” project later this year.

Single Cylinder Cone Crusher

The mentioned project is composed of a network of smart device with robots, unmanned harvesters, unmanned trucks, unmanned rigs and unmanned freight trains.

It’s introduced that this project is made up of the Operation Center, Automatic Transportation System, Automatic Drilling Systems, and Automatic Train System. Jacques shows that Rio Tinto has been ahead of its rivals in the intelligent mining industry for a decade, whether or not the project is approved by the board.

Single Cylinder Cone Crusher

Chris Salisbury, the head of Rio Tinto’s iron ore business, described the unmanned drilling operations had more one-third hours per hour, compared to human operations, what’s more, had an average of more than 10% ore-drilling distances a day.

Although the development of intelligent mine in China is slightly slow, its production reduces the labor cost in the production process, and the production is greatly improved, at the same time, which also reduces the safety problems that may arise in the production process.

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Henan Hongxing Machinery Co.,Ltd. makes it’s efforts to help the development of intelligence mine with scientific and technological innovation as to improve the product performance, so the Single Cylinder Cone Crusher is created and thrown into using.

This machine has high intelligence, which can realize the touch screen remote operation and save manpower cost.

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