Why Does Principal Axis of Cone Crusher Frequently Break?

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Cone crusher is suitable for crushing various ores and rocks with medium and over-medium hardness in such industries as metallurgy, construction, road paving and silicate industry. It has such features as big crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption and even product granularity. The main defect of traditional cone crusher is mainly reflected in principal axis, which will lead to the break of principal axis of this crusher equipment. Through the analysis of broken shaft part, damaged section and operation problems and the verifying calculation of the strength, the researchers of Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. summarizes the main reasons causing the break of the principal axis of cone crusher.

(1) Insufficient strength of the principal axis

Through the strength calculation, we can know that the static strength and durability of principal axis cannot ensure normal and long-lasting operation of cone crusher machine. Especially when iron materials go through the crushing chamber, the bending stress of the dangerous section usually exceeds the limit of yielding of the materials.

(2) Influences of over load

In the using process, as the pressure of the spring is insufficient, when crushing hard ores, the upper part of the crusher will have frequency vibration, thus leading to abrasion of and damage to the spare parts. The determination of the pressure of spring has a direct relationship with the use and manufacturing cost of the crusher equipment. If the spring pressure is too small, the crusher cannot work normally; but if the spring pressure is too high, the manufacturing cost will be high.

In the practical use, we generally use the compression spring to increase the spring pressure and to increase the crushing ratio. In this way, when iron ore goes through the crushing chamber, the spring is in the state of dead pressure, which will not only frequently pull off the spring and screw, but make the principal axis sustain higher load. In the meantime, the overload protection function of the spring will lose it all, so that the crusher will suffer larger damage. In addition, as the abrasion of lining boards is uneven, the product granularity will be different. To gain qualified product granularity, we can adjust the discharging mouth to hitting degree, thus greatly increasing the times of iron-through and iron-stuck.

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