The Improvement Made on Gyratory Crusher by Fote Machinery

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In the production process of crusher machine, in large crushing places such as heavy metal ore or large boulder strip crushing, common jaw crusher, hammer mill and impactor crusher will be not that suitable in the crushing of such hard materials. For this reason, in large mines, gyratory crusher is an indispensable crusher machine.

According to many years of technical survey made by Fote Machinery, in the super heavy crusher field, the production of domestic crusher still have great limits and it cannot better adapt to the application of various crushing plants. In addition, the production of gyratory crusher has been blindly following up on the basis of imitation and strain, but not reaching high technical level, so that it is far from enough just imitating the appearance and structure.

For this reason, Fote Machinery begins to cooperate with some design and research institutes of Germany and large Mine and Road and Bridge Company and introduces Germany-made heavy type gyratory crusher production technology. This crusher has fundamental difference with common crusher machines, which will be introduces in detail.

(1) The production and handling capacity of common domestic gyratory crusher can only reach the level that the crushing ratio is 7, with the technical guidance and instruction of German experts, our company improves the texture and characteristic curve of the annular space of fixed cone. After the analysis of the test system, this type of improved gyratory crusher can improve the crushing ratio to 10. This improvement is pretty precious in hard material crushing, such as quartz stone and shale.

(2) Traditional gyratory crusher generally adopts mechanical drive in the drive of movable cone, but this improved gyratory crusher adopts all-sided hydraulic drive, so that it is able to quickly adjust the machine to a stable state. The equipment of this drive mechanism needs the conversion of a certain technical standard. For this reason, we completely get rid of national standard, and adopt European standard and various sensing and signaling tuning units can get the work better done.

(3) In the control of material discharging, To make this crusher able to closely matched with other conveying and feeder machines, we adopt electronic control technology which can complete a whole set of instructs without manual operation. Some operations are very dangerous, so that after changing this control, these operations become easier and safer.

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