How Can Achieve Green Production of Ball Mill?

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Green is our yearning for life, just like we often mention green food. Nowadays, green production is also very popular in mining machinery industry. Ball mill is one representative product of mining industry, production of ball mill should realize green, high efficiency and energy conservation. With continuous improvement of ore beneficiation level, requirements for production equipment are also stricter. In production of ball mill equipment, green production is also required because green production is one of the environmental protection strategies.

Ball mill equipment is generally used to process various ores in grinding industry, which includes wet ball mill, Chinaware ball mill, cone ball mill, grid ball mill, tube ball mill, etc. How to realize green production and reduce damage to environment of these grinding mills is very important for both customers and manufacturers, which has a lot to do with technical level of ball mill manufacturers and equipment quality. It's impossible to achieve no waste and consumption. What we should do is to reduce waste and consumption as far as possible. In order to realize green production of ball mill, we should improve efficiency and upgrade design and technology to reduce the waste of resource.

At present, ball mill is developing towards large scale. If ball mill wants to achieve ideal operation effect and green production, it should make some changes. Firstly, ball mill manufacturers should make up for the traditional design, manufacturing and operating concepts and adopts edge transmission form, which not only meets requirements of new design concept, but makes equipment more efficient and stable. In order to changing requirements of both market and customers, ball mill manufacturers also improve transmission gear and perfect equipment functions, which makes structure of equipment more reasonable. In this way, cost of ball mill equipment is greatly reduced. In operation process, the ball mill can increase bearing capacity and loading capacity of grinding media, thus improving production capacity.

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