The Maintenance Work of Chinaware Ball Mill

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The cylinder of a Chinaware ball mill is made ceramics. Fote Chinaware ball mill is mainly used in ore beneficiation, chemical industry and building material industry for the production of new building material, refractory, fertilizer and non-ferrous metals. Even though this machine is well received by customers, customers find that its production efficiency will decrease due to various reasons in the daily operation process. Then the maintenance work of Chinaware ball mill seems extremely important. Here Fote Machinery will give a summary to the maintenance work of Chinaware ball mill.

Chinaware ball mill

1. Regularly stop the machine to check the important spare parts such as hollow shaft, main bearing, cylinder, reduce and rack wheel and pinion, and take a good record and well dealing with them according to the defect condition.

2. In the running process of Chinaware ball grinding mill, the temperature rise of the lubricating grease of main bearing should not exceed 55℃, and the temperature rise of the driving bearing and reducer should not exceed 55℃. Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. reminds customers that lubricating oil should be entirely released after one month to be completely cleaned and new lubrication oil should be changed. In addition, the lubrication condition in all the lubricating points and the height of oil level should be checked every four hours.

3. Regularly clean out the foreign matters inside the ball mill to prevent them from twining with the chain, causing overload of the motor and damaging the motor and reducer. In addition, check whether the chain, roller and chain wheel are seriously abrade and check the fastening condition of all the bolt connections, if loose, timely screw down.

4. If the lining board is abraded by 70% or there is a 70mm crack, it should be changed. In addition, if the main bearing is seriously abraded, timely changed it to make sure the rack wheel and pinion run stably and there are no abnormal noises, and when necessary, timely adjust the clearance.

5. The steel balls should be added according to the abrasion condition, if there is anything abnormal, immediately stop the grinding mill for examination.

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