Two Aspects Necessary to Say about the Spiral Classifier

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In the practice of the industry, we often ignore the installment factor. In fact, the classifying effect will be weakened if you don't appropriately install it. Here are two suggestions worth your attention:

1.The angle of the spiral classifier. The chute angle in the bottom is determined by the necessary height elevated. The various structure parameters are suitable to the different needs of the customers, but it is often unchanged for the certain customers, so the classifier's parameter is not often to change once decided. The quality and quantity of the products discharged is determined by the vane and the opening size. The desilting area is large and the products have a high fineness if the opening in the bottom is small. On the contrary, the enlarging of the chute angle lessens the desilting area, and there are more chances for the coarse materials to drop. So the products will be coarse. The chute angle is about 12◦-18◦30'', and choose the biggest number if the fineness is required critically.

2.The place and size of the opening. The bottom of the spiral classifier is shaped as long semi-circle, with an overflow drain below. At average, the overflow weir can decide the size of the desilting area.

In one word, there are many factors influencing the classifying effect. So in practice, the operator should observe, analyze and find some problems and regulate them, making it fully play its role.

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