How to Prevent the Spiral Chute from Blocking?

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spiral chute

Spiral chute is very sensitive to materials because of its small conveying space. When the spiral shaft is rotating, the material is easy to bind; the suspension bearing in the middle always blocks materials. So block-up is the most common problem of the screw chute, which will influence the yield of the machine and increase its power consumption. When the situation is worse, the motor can be burnt out seriously and the screw shaft will be twisted off to affect normal production of the equipment. The following measures can be taken to prevent the occurrence of congestion:

1. Select various technical parameters of spiral chute reasonably, for example, the rotation rate of slow-speed spiral chute cannot be too large.

2. Implement the rules strictly to ensure non-load start, idling stop, continuous and uniform feeding.

3. Enlarge the discharging port or extend end of the trough in order to solve the discharging problem. At the same time, a short slot of rotary vane also can be installed on the end of the feed inlet to prevent the plugging of materials at the end of the equipment.

4. It is necessary to clean the materials in the chute to prevent impurities or fibrous from entering the machine, which may cause blockage of the materials.

5. Reduce the transverse size of the middle suspension bearing, so as to reduce the possibility of plugging when materials are moving through the intermediate bearing.

6. Install the bunker, feeding machine and jam sensor to realize automatic control and alarm.

7. Set up an anti-block valve on the discharging end. When the jam happens,the door can be opened and the power supply will be cut off with the accumulation of materials.

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