Reasons of Coal Briquetting Machine's Unstable Molding

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coal briquetting machine

1. A suitable amount of water can lubricate the machine, reduce friction in the molding system and improve coal briquette's mechanical strength. But too much water will thicken the particle surface, influence the compression between particles and in turn reduce the coal briquette's mechanical strength. Besides, too high moisture content will cause crack in the coal briquette and result in breaking down.

2. The adoption of hydrophilic binder is helpful to mold the coal briquette. Taking a reasonable amount of water (often 10%-15%) to wet the particle surface helps particles bond to each other. Too much water will lead to the opposite result.

3. If we adopt the hydrophobic binder, water will decrease its binding effect. Under this situation, we should control the moisture content below 4%. In one sentence, the moisture content should be controlled flexibly within a reasonable range according to the actual situation.

Grain Size and Grain Composition Should Be Designed According to the Following Principles:

1. Ensure that the particles are arranged closely within the coal briquette to improve the products' mechanical strength. It has been proved by experiment that smaller particles are easier to be closely combined.

2. When adopting the binder molding process, the best grain composition should be minimized in total superficial area and total gap between the particles in order to reduce binder consumption and production cost of coal briquette.

Pellets shape produced by coal briquetting machine has an important influence in the whole process: it determines whether it has fully burning or good penetrability in metallurgy. In the actual use of coal briquetting machine, the more irregular the pellets shape is, the better penetrability and combustion performance they will have. The main pellets shape is spherical in the current market. Fote Machinery adopts nickel, chromium, manganese, molybdenum, titanium and other alloy materials in the machine production and has advantages like high strength, good toughness and wear resistant etc. all briquetting machines are equipped with square multi-alloy wear-resistant ball roller to provide more convenience to our customers.

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