The Existing Problems of Current Sand Production Line

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sand production line

With the wide application of sand aggregate, the sand production is used in more industries gradually. Our sand making machine is gaining a huger market.

In the recent years, many sand producers adopt an expansion-oriented competition mode, which often pay too much attention to market share instead of keeping customers. It is shown mainly in ignoring service and emphasizing selling. River sand has many advantages in construction, but with the rising quality requirement of building and different forming conditions, the river sand often has different features. This is harmful to the quality stability of concrete, especially high-performance concrete. The main factors to evaluate the products quality are their grain shape and size.

Production situation of domestic downstream processing enterprises is not very good, just as the current iron and steel industry, which makes its market demands decrease. The sand in construction industry and argil in light industry need to be washed and purified. The washability of ores means the difficulty level to separate slurry from ores. Its washability is mainly related to the nature, content and existing state of clay in ores. The machine rotor adopts center structure, and the spiral blades are installed on the central axis. The sand making machine is a mechanical classifying machine whose principle is that the specific gravity of different materials has different falling speed in liquid. Sand production line can process cobble, pebbles, granite and other mining stone into the ideal artificial sandstone, reducing transportation cost.

With the entering of foreign capital in the recent years, the international mining equipment competition is more and more fierce. If we want to have a position in the market, we should improve the quality and technical content of products and narrow the gap between us and advanced countries.

The biggest problem of sand production line is large energy consumption. Now people have a higher requirement of its energy saving feature.

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