The Main Characteristics of Fote Cable Recycling Machine

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Cable Recycling Machine

A variety of cable recycling machines have been in the market for a long time, while their qualities are not ideal. Fote Machinery has years’ research and development experience of miscellaneous line recycling equipment, such as waste miscellaneous line, hair silk, the car route cable TV lines, communication lines and so on, of which cable recycling machine is a self-developed success. Through the long-term reform and technology practice of customers over the years, cable recycling machine has developed by our company, which is made up of three parts:copper crusher (with crushed meters cooling device), copper wire machine as well as dust and fiber collecting system.

Fote cable recycling machine not only has high recovery rate, but also has excellent detachment results, so that the separation of copper and plastic can reach above 99%. It is equipped with specialized dust collecting system, which has no dust or pollution. In addition, the equipment is fixed on a base, which is convenient for transportation. Customers can directly put it into practical when the main line connected, which leads to good stability and high yield. The successful development of new cable recycling machine has not only improved the quality and quantity of recycled copper, but also avoided the pollution resulted from the burning of copper. The whole process completely adopts dry grinding and separation, because of the reduction of drying process of the wire skin, the recycled copper has basically reached the bright copper standard.

Fote cable recycling machine has unique features and advantages, customers are welcomed to contact us! We will provide preferential price and high-quality service for customers, in order to create more benefits for you.

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