How to Buy a Briquetting Machine Properly?

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When buying briquetting machines, customers are confused sometimes. For example, they do not know whether their raw materials are suitable for the briquetting machine. They are always worried about the reliability of briquetting machine or afraid of the risk of purchasing ball machines. Then how can we buy briquetting machine with high quality and favorable price? Here are suggestions for you:

1. If you process limited information of the briquetting machine, it is better to take friends or mechanical technicians who know the machine professionally together with you to pay a visit to the factory.

2. When buying the briquetting machine, the materials of internal wearing parts in main engine and auxiliary devices of the host should be made clear. In addition, pay attention to the power of motor, reducer and the configuration of these devices as well as manufacturers of the motor and reducer to check whether they are reliable.

3. Pay attention to the proportion between the yield and raw materials of ball press machine. There is a direct relationship between the width and diameter of the roller. The larger the single ball is, the higher output it will achieve.

4. When buying briquetting machine, the machine, planer and other metal processing workshop of manufacturers should also be taken into consideration. If the processing machine is too 'old' to process, they cannot simply produce qualified products.

5. Last but not least, if you just look on the size of the manufacturers, you may be deceived by appearances sometimes. You should bring your own raw materials to test the machine in the workshop of manufacturers. For materials which need adhesives, they are full of strength after drying process. Notice the strength of the dried balls.

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