The Affecting Factors for the Production Capacity of Rotary Dryer

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rotary dryer

There are many factors affecting production capacity of rotary dryer, here, Fote Machinery has listed three of them.

1. Structural factors: diameter, length, speed, inclination of drum, and whether there are devices inside the drum or not. If there are lifting plates inside the drum, the heat transfer area will increase and as well as the production capacity.

2. The heat transfer area and properties of materials, which include initial moisture properties and sizes of materials. The low-quality loose material is much easier to dry than the viscous material. Small bricks are easy to dry (The particle size of material inside the dryer should be less than 40~50 mm, but it should not be too small, otherwise it will increase the burden of dust collector). If the materials in the cylinder have high water content, the production amount of rotary dryer will decrease (Of course, at this time, the drying rate does not necessarily decrease, but due to the drying load, it will result in lower yields); if the final moisture drying requirement is low, the output of the drying machine will be much less.

3. The thermal conditions of drying media. You should try to raise the air temperature and airflow speed without affecting the normal operation property of the equipment (Special attention should be paid that if the unloading pipe, head and other metal parts can withstand higher temperature) , which can improve the production of the dryer. But with the increase of the flow rate, the dust and heat consumption will be taken away. In order to avoid the situation mentioned above, you must consider the situation comprehensively, and generally the dryer air velocity should be in the range of 1.5~3 M/S.

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