Five Mistakes for the Operation of Chicken Manure Dryer

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chicken manure dryer

Chicken manure is difficult to be effectively utilized because of its characteristics of high moisture, high viscosity and low calorific value. With piles of market researches, Fote Machinery has developed the special mechanical equipment which is used for drying chicken manure. The chicken manure dryer produced by Fote Machinery can make water drop to below 12%, so that the chicken manure value has been greatly improved.

Fote chicken manure dryer has been adopted by many companies since it is produced. Nowadays, all professions and trades are hoping to reduce the production cost but do not affect the production efficiency of the equipment. It has put forward higher requirements of chicken manure drying machine manufacturers, so how can we improve the production efficiency of manure dryer? Fote machinery will explain the mistakes when operating the chicken manure:

1. During the operation of chicken manure drying machine, you should master the suitable wind speed of the drum, if the wind speed is too low, it will reduce the dynamic and static alternating exchange between the material and hot air, which reducing the drying efficiency of the dryer.

2. You should prevent the material in the manure dryer cylinder from reciprocating motion, otherwise the material will soon be blowed away by the wind. If the storage capacity is too low , it will reduce the contact surface of the material and hot air.

3. You cannot extend the length of the drum in order to increase the output value of the dryer. If the diameter is too large, it cannot make full use of the space, which will not only lead to the loss of energy, but also increase the occupied area of the machine.

4. You should have a good command of the inlet and outlet temperature. If the outlet temperature is too high, it will be a waste of power, and reduce the quality of drying materials.

5. Do not to limit the rotation speed of the drum in order to restrict the activity speed to the discharging hole of materials, thus it greatly reduced the raising times of materials inside the drum, which has also reduced the contact frequency of the material and the hot air.

The operator must pay attention to the mistakes during the production process of chicken manure dryer, which can effectively improve the drying efficiency of chicken manure dryer and bring more revenue for the company.

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