How to Reduce the Energy Consumption of Coal Briquette Machine?

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coal briquette machine

With the wide application of coal briquette machine, people are increasingly demanding on the environment, so the coal briquetting machine is widely developed with the briquette. Coal briquette machine is mainly used for coal powder, slime, coke powder, coking coal and metallurgical powder, cold pressed pellet and refractory materials. For the powdery materials, coal briquetting machine is needed to complete the required pressing.

1. The energy-efficient motor should be selected firstly, and consider about other performance indicators, in order to save electric energy.

2. Improve the efficiency of coal briquette machine itself, such as changing the self cooling fan into the cooling fan. When the motor is used in the places where the load is very small or outdoor operations in winter, using the cooling fan will help to reduce the energy consumption.

3. Change the stator winding into star delta mixed series connected windings according to the load weight connection or delta connection. The MMF waveform is helpful to improve the winding and reduce the winding current, so that it can achieve the purpose of energy-efficient.

4. Adopt other continuous speed controlling mode of operation. Such as the use of voltage regulator, variable pole motor, electromagnetic coupling governor, frequency control devices, etc.

5. Replace the big motor which is used for driving the small equipment. In addition to a waste of energy, the big motor is extremely easy to cause the damage of equipment. In addition, the reasonable adjustment of coal briquetting machine and the supporting use of the motor can make it run at the high efficiency area to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

6. The reasonable installations of parallel low-voltage capacitor to make power compensation, which will effectively improve the power factor, reduce the reactive power loss and strengthen the energy saving effect.

7. The wire section of the joint which is from the electric energy meter to the motor should meet the carrying capacity. The wire should be as short as possible to reduce the lead resistance and the loss.

The above measures can be separately or simultaneously. In short, some necessary technical measures should be taken to reduce the energy consumption of the motor for the coal briquette machine, which is not only an insurance of safe and stable operation of the power grid is advantageous, but also the reduction of the electricity costs.

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