Metal Crusher Has Excellent Crushing Effect on Aluminum Products

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Metal crusher can crush waste metal cans as well as the aluminum products. Fote metal crusher is the most advanced metal grinding equipment in the market, which can not only crush aluminum products, but also can separate a small amount of iron resources contain in aluminum products, so as to greatly improve the purity of aluminum resources and prepare for the follow-up aluminum recycling process. Aluminum has a series of advantages, but its biggest advantage is its strong recovery, which can be once again for repeated use. When compared with the primary aluminum, the production of recycled aluminum has no effect on the performance of aluminum oxide compound during the remelting process, and the loss is only 2% ~ 3%. Each time, the recycling can save about 95% energy and reduce the corresponding carbon dioxide emissions, which is of great significance to the construction of low carbon economy.

metal crusher

We are now faced with the depletion and waste of resources, so the repeated use of resource is the national strategy that government has been considered and promoted. Particularly the recycling of metal after the crushing operation appears to be particularly important. The economic development of China has unceasing increase of the aluminum demand. At present, the refining and separation of aluminum ingot from the waste aluminum metal, aluminum cans and aluminum paint barrels is an important topic. It is a good direction of development, one is the production of alloy ingots, of course it needs to test methods and strict quality assurance system to make its appreciation; another is the production of aluminum ingot remelting, which can be used to separate the large metal crusher, for industries such as iron alloy, steel and so on, it seems that this mode is more compared with present situation.

The aluminum ingot remelting production method by metal crusher has strict operation conditions (whether by reverberatory furnace or the crucible furnace), aluminum yield can reach up to about 83%, which includes aluminum slag refining recovery by inferior aluminium. Fote machinery is specialized in the production of metal crusher, which is in line with national needs and customers. Our equipment results in continuous improvement, which has been a breakthrough on technology. For more details, please consult our online customer service. Customers are warmly welcomed to carry on business negotiations with our company.


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