The Environmental Protection Function of Cable Recycling Machine

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In recent years, due to the environmental problems, a series of environmentally friendly products appear, cable recycling machine is one of these environmental protection products. Cable recycling machine can completely separate copper and plastic by crushing and gravity separation of materials to achieve comprehensive utilization, which has high economic efficiency. Full automatic cable recycling machine mainly recycle the complex lines in the market, like mobile phone cable, home computer cable, etc. it can completely solve the classification and processing troubles due to the complex scrap wires.

cable recycling machine

The wire skin separated by cable recycling machine can be made of recycled plastic granules through extrusion. The finished product can make shoe sole, plastic shoes or recycled cable. Artificial leather is also useful for PVC, or the mouse, keyboard and other high-tech products. Cable recycling machine has high degree of automation, which has following advantages: strong adaptability, it cannot only deal with waste copper with the same specifications, but also can recycle hybrid of different sizes; high purity of the product, which can reach more than 99.5%; good environmental benefit, the unit is equipped with a dust collecting system, which is more advanced and does not cause pollution to the environment, so as to bring more benefits for customers. It is mainly for various types of waste automobile circuit lines, communication cables, all kinds of waste shift cable and stripping wires which are not suitable for machining.

Fote cable recycling machine can collect pure copper and keep its original quality. It can also recycle plastic to create great economic benefits. The whole process is the physical processing, which is low noise, no pollution, zero emissions and environmental protection. Cable recycling machine has a series of unique features such as low noise, large output, reliable quality, reasonable price and strong adaptation. Customers are warmly welcomed to contact us!


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