The Main Application of Coal Briquette Press Machine

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The quality of coal directly influences the ratio of briquetting of the coal briquette press machine. Coal is a complicated mixture composed of different high-molecular compounds, which is mainly condensation aromatic nucleus, as well as non-aromatic carbon parts and minerals. Then what is the main application of coal briquette press machine?

1. Waste residue: used as fuel in boiler, as raw materials in cement plant and for making brick in coal cinder brickyard;

2. Exhaust gas: used as fuel in thermo-motive boiler, as coking fuel in coke oven and for recycling and making ammonia;

3. Waste water: biochemical treatment-closed-circuit cycle: used as circulating cooling water in foundation device, for quenching the coke in the coking plant and for coal blending in the coking process.

The technical route and production direction of coal briquette press machine for the development of coal companies include: the direct coal liquefaction and indirect coal liquefaction technology for producing engine fuel oil, the coal gasification synthesis methyl alcohol and dimethyl ether technology for producing oxygenated fuel, the coal gasification making synthesis ammonia technology for producing chemical fertilizer and the coking technology for producing coke.

Coal chemical industry is relative to petrochemical industry and natural gas chemical industry, and theoretically, the products using crude oil and natural gas produced by petrochemical engineering technique can be produced by using coal as the raw material and using coal chemical industrial technology.

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