The Selection of Drying Machine Parts is Very Important

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The drying machine component is an important part of an efficient drying machine, no matter what kind of drying machine, or how its work mode and characteristics, if it leaves the drying machine parts, it means that the drying machine has no skeleton. Therefore, in order to better enable the efficient work of drying machine, it is particularly important to choose the good drying machine accessories. Drying machine parts are generally divided into the rotary cylinder, main head, reducer, motor, fan, dust collector, a connecting pipe, a supporting wheel, a rolling ring, a big gear wheel transmission device, small gears, etc. During the following passage, we will look at the selection method of drying machine accessories, so that customers can better understand the drying equipment.

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During the inspection of drying machine, customers should check the parts surface, whether these parts have the existence of surface corrosion, aging and deformation, and you can measure the size of the parts. It must be correct and only the complete parts can be accepted. As a responsible manufacturer, Fote Machinery guarantees that the inner parts are new accessories, which can remove the fear and doubt about the quality of our product. Check whether the belt is loose, degumming or sparks phenomenon. In the completion of the first protection work, every parts include the dryer cylinder wall, a big gear and a small gear these parts exposed for a long time, nursing is very important for the first time.

In the choice of the drying machine accessories, we have full consideration for the customers. For the selection of the cylinder material, we use Q345 steel, and we can also exchange according to the appropriate needs of customers. The rotary cylinder adopts beamless welding technology to ensure the whole body operates firmly. The cylinder body is for to be dried materials the carrier. There is some other equipment, which will be discussed in the process of communication with customers. The head and tail of the machine adopt the same Q345 plate; the dust collector can conduct cyclone discharge and dust extractor at the same time, which is energy saving and simple and easy to operate. Other parts are made of wear-resistant materials, which is aimed at creating the most efficient and durable drying machine.

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