The Impurity Removal Process of Fote Lignite Dryer

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The speed-up transformation and pace for the industrial development model of lignite drying machine, the automatic production degree of the drying machinery has been increased. The lignite drying production line is used mostly in automatic operation mode, the conveyor conveys material during its feeding and discharging processes. Lignite drying machine needs to complete the work on the drying of material in the drying operations. Due to various reasons, the material after drying will inevitably mixed with stones, metal, slag and other impurities, and these impurity properties and ignition are not the same with lignite drying machine. The correct handling of these impurities in the premise of not affecting the quality of drying materials is very important. It is the requirements when customers choosing drying machines, which is also the research direction of Fote Machinery.

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Currently, most of the lignite drying machine on the market has other complex functions in addition to the basic function of the lignite drying machine. Different manufacturers have different ways of impurity removal, the general lignite dryer has rotating cylinder and in the inlet and outlet, it is installed with the automatic impurity filtering device. In the production practice and customer feedback, we have taken the drying material shape size of lignite drying machine into account. The installation of filtering device is not too realistic in the feed inlet, only install the filtering and impurity removing device in the outlet is correct. Lignite drying machine barrel is provided with internal plant crushing device, for example, when the wet lignite enters into the cylinder after crushing and scattering, it will directly go through the filtering device by conveyor to silo. The specific miscellaneous process is as follows:

In the connection of rotating cylinder and filtering cylinder of lignite drying machine, it is provided with a baffle, and the baffle is provided with a small hole, the filter cylinder is connected to one end of the rotary cylinder, and the other end of the material conveying pipe is connected. At the bottom of a slag discharge hole, it is provided with the filter cylinder, one end of the conveying pipe cooling tube is connected through the blower and the material, and the other end of the material outlet is connected. For drying lignite, when the material is in the conveying pipe again, the water will lead to rapid evaporation, and the block can block impurities contain in lignite to ensure the quality of material in the conveying pipe. Fote lignite dryer saves manpower and material resources, which can improve the quality of materials, reduce the drying costs and improve the working efficiency.

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