What Affect the Yield of Metal Crusher?

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If you want choose high quality metal crusher equipment in China, the most professional metal crusher manufacturing enterprises--- Fote Machinery can satisfy your needs. If customers want to buy the professional metal crusher, in the pre investment period, you need to have a thorough understanding of the machine from each aspect, which includes the power, price, model, manufacturers and other aspects of metal crusher. What’s more, the features and production capacity of metal crusher should also be fully understood, so as to better select the right equipment type. As the metal crusher supplier, Fote Machinery will explain the affecting factors of metal crusher during its production process, and we hope that it will become a reference to help the majority of investors in the choice of metal crusher. Metal crusher can crush the scrap metal into small particles, and the small particles has convenient transportation, which not only can reduce the transportation cost, but also can speed up the smelting speed of materials.

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1. The fineness requirements of the materials after crushing, the fineness is much higher, namely if the crushed material is finer, the crusher will have lower production capacity.

2. The quality of metal crusher equipment itself. If the wear resistance of the crushing equipment is better, its production ability is stronger; if not wear-resistance, it will affect the durability of metal crusher.

3. The more hard material is more difficult to be crushed, but if the wear of the equipment is more serious, it will also affect the crushing rate. If the crushing rate is slow, it will have low production capacity.

4. The material humidity, which is the moisture content of material. If more water is contained in the materials, the material is easy to adhere to the crushing machine, and it is also easy to cause jams in the blanking process, so the crushing capacity will decrease.

5. We should also pay attention to what kind of materials metal crusher is processing, and we also should pay attention to whether the motor power used by the equipment is able to fully reach the standard.

Fote Machinery is a professional manufacturer of metal crusher in China. The metal crusher produced by our company has caught up with the same industry after many years of research. Fote metal crusher can tear all kinds of metal and circuit board materials into manageable size, which is the ideal equipment for metal recovery, metal smelting, iron and steel enterprises. If you want to know about our metal crusher price, please contact us or send emails to us. Thank you!

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