How to Reduce the Dust Pollution of Impact Crusher?

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Impact crusher mainly uses the rotary rotor in the cabin to drive the hammer to strike the rotation collision and eventually makes the stones crushed, the stones collide with each other in the rotor to form a large stone swirls to increase the mutual collision between the materials. In this process, the rotor will rotate fast and the blast volume is larger, so the small stone will overflow to cause dust pollution.

impact crusher

When the impact crusher is working, in addition to the rotation of the rotor, a large number of flow will make stone powder fly out, and it mainly crushes materials through the plate hammer in the crushing cavity after multi-stage crushing and grinding to finish the whole production process. If the fineness of the material is small, in the operation process, powder will easily fly out. In addition, it works mainly through the tap to complete crushing operations, which will increase the amount of dust, and the impact plate would be worn for a long time, what’s more, the back surface will appear drop situation, which will cause the great decrease of the sealed performance of impact crusher to aggravate the dust pollution.

In order to solve the large powder amount problem of impact crusher, during its application, customers can also equip it with dust removal equipment, or external sealing cover. In addition, before entering the crusher feeding port, you can also add a small amount of water or dust humidifier during the production process. In order to reduce the amount of crushing powder machine work, the regular inspection for every part of the equipment is also necessary, for example, whether the lining plate, sealing and each device is connected, or whether the loosening of screws machine shell, the maintenance and repair of the machine should be done regularly, which will not only greatly reduce the amount of dust, but also improve the working efficiency of the crusher.

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