Four Unique Features of Fote Powder Grinding Mill

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In the industrial raw material processing of large metallurgical mining and chemical industry, powder grinding mill can meet the different raw material processing requirements. According to the different processing of raw material fineness and grind fineness requirements of products, we can provide different types o of grinding machine for customers. However, no matter what type of the grinding machine it is, the general structural features can be summarized as the following four points:

powder grinding mill

First of all, powder grinding mill adopts the vertical structure, and the whole structure is relatively simple, which will not trouble the user and repair operator. At the same time, the machine covers relatively small area and it is convenient to complete operation, from bulk raw material processing to finished powder output, it can be independently without multiple steps of decomposition production.

Secondly, the finished product has high yield and very uniform particle size, as high as ninety-nine percent screen through rate, which is very difficult for the other similar products to do. In addition, for the grinding of hard rock, mineral and other non flammable materials, the finished product grain size remained in the adjustment range of 500 meshes, which can fully meet the finished powder grain fineness requirements in industrial sector.

Thirdly, the transmission of the grinding machine adopts sealed gear and belt wheel device to effectively guarantee the stability of its normal operation, so that the machine will not have strong vibration or emit excessive noise during operation. All the parts and the frame are made from top quality metal, so as to ensure the greatest degree of wear-resisting degree components, thus improving the reliability of machine operation. Because the grinding roller device of the machine is equipped with great strength and high pressure spring, then it can make the machine run closely to the grinding ring in a high pressure under the action of the spring, and under the same power condition, it can raise approximately doubled the yield.

Fourthly, the whole system adopts centralized control, so the work process can realize unmanned operation, the operators need not to stay in mill workshop all the time, and they only need to monitor the working condition of the production system, they will be able to control the machine. At the same time, because of its simple structure, plus its body has observation valve, the operating staff can be easy for repair work on the machine.

The excellent structure, design and high quality components make it possible to largely improve the processing efficiency of raw material and satisfy all the production needs of customers. The excellent performance and advanced manufacturing technology also makes the grinding machine has high efficiency and energy saving, so as to greatly reduce the consumption cost for the factory plant to harvest more benefits.

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