Rotary Drum Dryer Contributes to the Legend of Drying Industry

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Rotary drum dryer is mainly used for drying material in fuel power plant, but also can be used for drying chemical raw material, catalyst carrier, adsorbent, waste water purification and recovery of metal, etc. There are generally two types: the soil shaped rotating cylinder drying (brown coal), loose texture and soft property; the dark drum drying (lignite), dense texture and hard property. The materials after drying can be directly used as a household fuel, industrial fuel and power source fuel, but also can be used as the raw material, low temperature dry distillation gasification. The coke after drying by rotating cylinder dryer can be made as briquette for cooking as well as the source of activated carbon, which can be used for water treatment, recovery of gold and extraction of iodine.

rotary drum dryer

Rotary drum dryer is a kind of material heating drying device. It is generally adapted to granular materials, and it can also be used for drying sticky and paste materials or materials with high water content. The rotary drum produced by our company can adapt to the high moisture and high dew point. In order to ensure that it does not paste the bag, it is easy to remove the surface dust, filter material has hydrophobic layer; in order to ensure the outside dew, the shell must have good thermal insulation; in order to avoid leakage into the atmosphere caused by too much cold dew, the discharging device must provide air lock function for the better display of the equipment, the welding position should be prevented from leakage of different welding and vulnerability.

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