The New Series of Ceramic Ball Mill Has Better Performance

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Ceramic ball mill is the commonly used grinding equipment, which has more targeted applications in the ceramic industry. Ceramic ball mill is also called chinaware ball mill, which is mainly used for the mixing and grinding of materials, and its product fineness is uniform. It can realize both dry grinding and wet grinding. It adopts different lining boards according to different production needs. According to the market feedback, part of customers found that the grinding efficiency of traditional ceramic ball mill is not up to the requirements, and the unit internal friction is greater, and they want to have more available and practical ceramic ball mill. Therefore, Fote Machinery has developed the new series of ceramic ball mill according to the problems of ceramic ball mill, which has better performance.

ceramic ball mill

Because the traditional ceramic ball mill has too big consumption due to the traditional start function caused by single current, and its production efficiency in the working unit is low and power consumption is large, so in the improvement of the motor, when the starting device is adjusted by converter to drive the motor, it can output frequency with energy saving of 3% down to 47.5Hz. The new chinaware ball mill after being improved has sufficient starting torque, which can meet the requirements of large loading capacity, and it can ensure the smooth running of the motor in variable frequency equipment operating conditions. The motor has constant power characteristic to prolong the service life of the motor. It also reduces the maintenance costs; through frequency converter speed and high precision, the grinding time can be easily set. The automatic stop function also makes the operation more intelligent.

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