How to Turn Biomass Waste into Fuel?

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There are generally two ways of turning biomass waste into fuel. One is pyrolysis, and another is solidification and molding. Each has its strong point. Now, the way of solidification is more popular and more mature in technology.

turning biomass waste into pellet fuel

Principle of Solidification and Molding of Biomass Waste:

To compress biomass waste which have been crushed to a certain degree(4 to 8 mm), into bar or block, through the way of physical extrusion. The biomass waste is of many properties, such as high density, resistance to burn, smokelessness, and pollution-free. This kind of fuel is commonly known as biomass pellet fuel.

Production Procedures of Biomass Pellet Fuel are as follows:

Step one, drying. The raw material water moisture for suppression of biomass pellet fuel is required to be below 20%. This step depends on the case. If the material water moisture is too high, drying will be needed.

Step two, smashing. Big biomass waste must be smashed because the mould aperture of biomass fuel pellet machine is generally under 12 mm. So biomass waste such as cotton stalks, logs and wood need to be smashed into pieces. While wood powder, wood chips, etc. are needn't.

Step three, granulating. To compress and molding biomass waste after drying and crushing, through biomass pellet machine. There are generally two kinds of the final biomass fuel, large block or small particle. The diameter of large block can reach 80 mm. And small particle is only 4 to 8 mm. Data might be differ slightly. Now the mainstream for fuel is small particles, since large block cannot fully burning.

Step four, cooling and packaging. Since compressing is a process of physical extrusion and friction, which can produce high temperature, thus the final particles need to cool off.

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