Strong Pressure Briquette Machine Faces Severe Situations

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Because of the low temperature in winter, the fuel supply system is a problem. If the temperature is low, the fuel atomization degree will not be enough, which is much easier to cause the fuel oil solidification and blockage, thus resulting in the abnormal operation of the machine. The flameout and shutdown fault can happen at any time. Therefore, this matter needs to pay special attention. Otherwise it will greatly reduce the working efficiency of strong pressure briquette machine.

Strong Pressure Briquette Machine

In addition, because the pressure of strong pressure briquette machine is relatively large, so the lubricating part is very necessary. However, because the temperature is too low, the lubricating parts may also be affected, if freezing, it will be worse, which may cause serious wear. It is a severe test for the entire life of the machine. This aspect should be paid strict attention, if it is found that the temperature is too low or frozen, it shall be dealt as soon as possible, otherwise the consequence is very serious.

Moreover, the maintenance of strong pressure briquette machine is more important, which can effectively prolong its working life. All the seasons of the year are the same, but the four season’s maintenance ways are not the same. When compared to winter, the maintenance has a certain degree of difficulty. Because the winter temperature is too low, the attention matters are different. Winter is a season that a lot of people do not like, which is the same as the strong pressure briquette machine. In winter, the maintenance work is complex, and the machine is much easier to appear failure.

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