How Can Well Maintain and Check Rotary Kiln?

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Rotary kiln is widely used for the mechanical, physical and chemical disposal of solid materials using the rotary cylinder equipment in many production industries such as building material, metallurgy, chemistry and environment protection. As rotary kiln is the key equipment of the cement plants, to ensure its long time of stable operation, it is necessary to well maintain and check it. Here Fote Machinery will give a detailed introduction to maintenance and check items of rotary kiln.

(1) Regularly check the transmission system, riding wheel support device and hydraulic catch wheel system, and timely deal with it if there is noises, vibration temperature rise and other unusual conditions.

(2) Check whether the lubrication of all the lubrication points is normal, and regularly check if the oil supply is sufficient strictly according to the lubricant regulation.

(3) Check the bearing temperature and lubrication condition of the bearing bush of the riding wheel every four hours, and observe if the gap of the thrust ring and the lining bushing.

(4) Check whether the contact and abrasion of the wheel belt and the riding wheel, wheeling belt and the catch wheel are even, and whether there is over stress or falling or pitted surface.

(5) According to the relative displacement of the wheel belt and the base plate, determine the clearance and the abrasion and check whether there is crack in the welding part of the base plate.

(6) Check the fixed bolts and foundation bolts of the transmission system, riding wheel support device and catch wheel device every shift, and if they are loose, timely tighten them.

(7) Check the sliding speed of the cylinder.

(8) Check whether the cooling water outlet is unblocked and the height of the water surface of the lower water chute of the riding wheel. If the height is not proper, use water level regulator to adjust it.

(9) Check the leakproofness of the sealing device of the rotary kiln tail and head and the abrasion of the sealing device.

(10) Check whether the foundation vibrates.

(11) Regularly check the cylinder temperature of the rotary kiln.

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