Six Patterns of Gravity Beneficiation Operations of Ore Dressing Equipment

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Gravity beneficiation can be divided into six kinds of operations:

First,the spiral chute beneficiation, which is a method by means of the flowing water in the chutes to select the ores.

Second, the jigging beneficiation, which makes use of the periodically and vertically variable speed medium flow to repeatedly loose, concentrate and layer the mineral particle blocks according to density.

Third, ore washing. Ore washing is adopted when the ores are cemented by clay and will interfere with the subsequent operations. It makes the clay and mineral blocks separated by virtue of the flow momentum and mechanical force.

Gravity ore beneficiation equipment

Fourth, shaking table concentration. This method takes advantage of the inertia force produced by asymmetric reciprocating motion of the shaking table surface and water flushing effect, so as to make the particles on the surface loose, layered and sorted to achieve beneficiation operation.

Five, grading. When granular materials settling in air or water, the particles of different granularity and shape have different settling velocity due to suffering different medium resistance. By this time, the particles can be graded according to granularity, and this method is called grading.

Six, dense medium separation. Gravity separation must be conducted in the medium,and the available medium are air, water, heavy-fluid and heavy suspension, among which water is the most commonly used. When the medium is air, this process is called pneumatic separation. And when the medium used is heavy-fluid or heavy suspension whose density is greater than that of water, it is called dense medium separation. Dense medium separation is a selecting method strictly in accordance with mineral density.

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