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Metal crusher is a type of hot metal processing machinery in the metal recycling field. This equipment is suitable for crushing materials such as all kinds of beverage cans, paint cans, oil cans, etc. After being crushed, the material is easy to carry and convenient to feed in steel-making. In the crushing process, there are mainly four kinds of external forces imposing on the solid metal, namely, rolling, clipping, impact and milling. The actual crushing process often involves several kinds of external forces at the same time.

Metal Crusher

Metal crusher application range:

1. Bicycle, motorcycle, car shell, waste iron and steel;

2. Cans, paint pots, iron sheet, color steel tiles;

Metal crusher features:

1. Large torque, high yield, no noise, wear resistance, etc.

2. Greatly reduce the volume of metal scrap.

3. Make the drying, briquetting, smelting, crushing, the pre-process and transportation of the chemical fire-proof materials easier.

4. Big crushing ratio, high production efficiency, and fine discharge granularity.

5. The driving device is equipped with electric security protector, which effectively reduces accidental failures and equipment damages.

6. Fit for both continuous feeding and intermittent feeding.

7. Make the subsequent processing of cuttings more convenient, effectively reduce the cuttings volume, and save storage space.

8. The final particle size can be customized according to users’ requirements, and the particle size can be adjusted by changing the sieve.

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