Sawdust Dryer Maintenance Needs More Attention

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High efficiency and energy saving sawdust dryer is a new type of drying machine developed on the basis of sawdust dryer. The sawdust dryer mainly consists of heat source, scatter device, belt feeding machine, feeding machine, rotary drum, belt discharging machine, draft fan, discharger and power distribution cabinet.

Sawdust dryer

sawdust dryer maintenance is an important and regular work demanding for more attention. It should be in close coordination with equipment operation and inspection and so on. It needs full-time personnel for close observation. The maintenance for the drying machine has a certain effect on its drying effect.

1. When the sawdust dryer is running, we must pay special attention to the combustion chamber, blower and dust removing and collecting device, because the drying efficiency depends on the combustion chamber condition to a large extent.

2. Before starting up, we should inspect the related equipment to ensure that the dryer can operate normally.

3. During its operation, regularly check the temperature of the bearings in each part, to keep the bearing temperature under 50 ℃. The gear should sounds smooth, and there should be no obvious impact, vibration and friction between the transmission, bracket and cylinder. In conclusion, we should have the equipment inspected, maintained and repaired timely and regularly.

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