Uniform Feeding is Very Important in Ball Mill Operation

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In the operation process of ball mill, we must ensure it an uniform feeding. The so-called uniform feeding generally includes constant feeding amount and stable feeding grain composition.

If we improperly increase the ore feeding amount, it will coarsen the product granularity and increase the amount of sand return. For example, it will cause ball mill dyspeptic, that is, the ball mill is overloaded, and badly affect the grinding effect. At this time, we should immediately cut down or stop feeding and improve the overflow concentration. By the way, we shouldn’t feed ores any more until the ball mill returns to normal again.

Ball Mill

When the feeding amount is insufficient, the discharging particle size will become smaller and the sand return amount will decrease. When the feeding quantity is in significant deficiency, the steel balls will directly collide with the lining board and give out an impact noise, which may result in serious abrasion to the lining board and grinding media.

When the feeding amount remain the same, the increase and decrease of the feeding particle size can also lead to the similar phenomenon to that of the feeding amount change. So when ball mill is in normal work, we must guarantee it an uniform feeding and even granularity, without remarkable fluctuation.

The operators should always watch out the feeding situation of ball mil, because great fluctuations usually occur in the moment of shafting of duty, so be sure to have a careful check on the places liable to faults.

Inspection items: the main bearing and transmission bearing of the milling machine, the transmission system of the classifier, the operation situation of the feeder, lubricating oil amount, grinding medium replenishing, ore reserves in the ore bin, ore discharge, classifier overflow and sand return. Only by doing this carefully, can we keep the ball mill running stably and up to production standards.

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