Introduction to the Technical Features of Slag Dryer

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Slag dryer is commonly used in industrial ore beneficiation, as the slag needs to be dried with special equipment, otherwise the desired production effect cannot be reached. And Henan Fote Machinery Co., Ltd. specially designed an industrial dryer to give the best drying equipment.

Slag dryer has big processing capacity, low fuel consumption and low drying cost. It is heat resisting, so that it can quickly dry the materials with high temperature and hot air. The design process of this machine considers production margin, so that even the output increases with small range, it is not necessary to change the equipment. This equipment adopts regulating mental type tug structure and the tug and the rolling ring is well matched, which greatly reduces the abrasion and power consumption. The specially designed catch wheel structure greatly reduces the horizontal thrust brought by the slanting working pattern of the equipment. In addition, it has strong anti-overload ability, stable operation of the cylinder and high reliability.

After the inspection and research of the technicians of Fote Machinery, the slag dryer is made innovations on the lifting device. It adopts new type of multi-combined type lifting device and overcomes the “wind tunnel” of traditional drying equipment, so that the heat efficiency is high and the coal consumption is reduced by about 20%. The transmission rack wheel and pinion of Fote slag dryer adopts pin column changeable gear rather than traditional steel casting gear, thus not only reducing the investment cost, but greatly the maintenance cost and time, and it can satisfy the granularity and water requirements of the dried slag materials of different customers.

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