The Innovation and Development Direction of Cement Grinding Machine

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In the current situation, cement grinding process has showed a trend of diversified development and the grinding machine has developed into large scale, low energy consumption and high efficiency. With the constant progress of technology and innovation, various kinds of equipment is gradually developing to the direction of high efficiency and energy saving. At the same time, under the background that our country is vigorously promoting circular economy and establishing the sustainable development system, therefore, to improve the grinding technique is an inevitable trend to facilitate cement industry to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction.

Cement Grinding Machine

Cement grinding process is simple, but now there are still many enterprises reluctant to invest more money in improving equipment design and technologies of cement grinding process. They think that as long as a simple modification, the shaft kiln can be changed into a grinding station. This illusion is not able to make the grinding of cement achieve the result of high efficiency, energy conservation and emissions reduction. With the emergence of various new powder making equipment, the development of grinding process has increased dramatically. If we still adhere to past practices and employ old equipment, it cannot save investment for us, on the contrary, it will do more harm than good.

With respect to promoting the cement grinding process, as a professional manufacturer of pulverizing equipment, Fote Machinery has a profound understanding. Many cement production enterprises generally adopt ball mill as grinding equipment for cement raw materials, and there is cement ball mill which is specific for cement and silicate products on the market. But the large-scale cement ball mill manufactured by Fote Machinery has been launched aimed at meeting the need of high-yield cement production plants. In view of that the advanced cement production not only involves limestone, with ore slag, steel slag and fly ash also applied to cement preparation, this large sized cement ball mill strives to meet industry requirements from design to material selection and even the configuration of lining board, which greatly accelerating the cement enterprises to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction.

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