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Flotation machine is one of the most important equipment in the flotation production line. At the present stage, there are a variety of flotation machines on the market, with an excellent operating performances and extensive applications. Through many years of research and development on technology, Fote Machinery has always been committed to developing new-generation flotation machines. FTM flotation machine is striving to take the road of professionalization and technicalization, in order to build its own brand of flotation machine.

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During the flotation process, the phenomenon that the ore particles adhere to the foam is called mineralization. Foam mineralization is the basic behavior of flotation process, aimed at separating the useful minerals from the useless materials. Therefore, we should frequently observe the color of the foam during the operation of flotation machine. The changes of foam thickness and the sounds produced by scraping the foam out are signs to judge whether the ore beneficiability is good and other technological conditions are controlled well or not.

The whole flotation process can be roughly divided into three procedures, including roughing, scavenging and concentrating, which are not only independent but also closely related. The foam products in the roughing zone are usually sent to the concentrating zone for one or more times of enrichment and selection, and the selected foam is exactly the final concentrate products.

Flotation machine techniques have become more and more diversified. Compared with other flotation machine manufacturers, FTM flotation machine can achieve a better effect and higher flotation speed. If you want to know more information about our flotation machine price, features or details about delivery, please visit our website at any time to consult our online customer service, or directly dial 0371-63313738.

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