What Kind of Lining Board is More Advantageous?

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In recent years, the main bearing and lining board of ball mill have been improved greatly. The main bearing adopts the biserial centripetal spherical rolling bearing to replace the original sliding bearing, which makes the size of the main journal narrowed greatly, reduces the weight of the mill grinder, decreases friction torque, lower the consumption of idle work, ensures the automatic self-aligning and prolongs its service life.

In line with different process conditions, the cylinder has access to metal lining plate, rubber lining plate and magnetic lining plate. The rubber lining plate has good wear resistance, small weight, little noise, low consumption, convenient installation and long service life and is easy to to be processed and shaped.

ball mill

The characteristics of magnetic lining plate:

1. Long service life, four to six times longer than that of high manganese steel lining plate;

2. Low maintenance cost, only 25% to 40% of the high manganese steel lining plate;

3. Small volume, convenient installation, improving the mill efficiency by 3 to 4%;

4. Small weight, lessening ball mill load and reducing the power consumption by 4% to7%;

5. Thin thickness, increasing the mill volume and improving the processing capacity;

6. The lining plate surface can adsorb broken media, improving grinding condition and reducing medium consumption;

7. The cylinder is free from bolts, avoiding mill leakage and improving the service life of cylinder and gear.

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