Brief Presentation of the River Sand Dryer Features

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River sand dryer is exactly the traditional rotary drum dryer, also called sand dryer, which is able to deal with a large amount of materials. This equipment is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal mining, pharmaceuticals industry and so on.

River sand dryer is generally suitable for drying granular materials, as well as sticky and paste-like materials with high moisture content, especially applicable to sand with excellent drying effect. Sand dryer has a variety of features, such as reliable running, high production capacity, wide application, small resistance, large allowable fluctuation range in operation, convenient operation, etc. It often used for drying sand, mineral powders, coal slag, etc.

river sand dryer

Materials are transported to the hopper by conveying machine, and then enter into the dryer drum. When the sand dryer is rotating, it will arrange the materials to the other side downstream. In the process when the wet materials are moving forward within the drum, they will be directly or indirectly heated by heating carrier and dried and then sent out by belt conveyor or screw conveyor at the discharging outlet. On the in-wall of the drum, there is equipment with lifting board, which is to increase the contact surface between materials and the airflow, so as to improve drying rate and accelerate materials to progress.

Heating carrier generally can be divided into hot air and flue gas. After the heating carrier has gone through the dryer, it usually needs cyclone a dust collector to gather the materials mixed in it. If further dust reduction is needed, the exhaust should still pass the bag type dust collector or wet dust remover before being emitted.

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