The Structural Improvement of Ore Crusher

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In order to improve the production capacity and operating reliability, our company have had a significant improvement on its parameter and structure, which eliminates the deficiencies existing in the former products. What aspects does the improvement lie in?

Ore Crusher

The coupling improvement

The old series coupling isn't adaptable to severe vibration which makes the motor's working condition worse. And the small elastic aprons are liable to damage, which will cause serious wear to the pin shaft and coupling semi-body. The new series of ore crusher adopts an active coupling semi-body and pin shaft, which not only can transfer a bigger torque, but also have the ability to absorb vibration.

The spring mechanism improvement

When ore crusher encounters with infrangible materials, because of the friction effect between the ores or the infrangible materials with the fixed lining board, the upper crusher will have a torsion to the peripheral direction. But the old series have no reverse-resisting gear, so the spring screw cannot withstand tension and bending stress, easy to have the spring screw surrender serious damage. In order to improve the screw's force bearing condition, the new series ore crusher has pins fixed on the rack to avoid the circumferential twist and relieve the damages to the spring screw.

The improvement of the feed port and rotating speed

The feed port of the old ore crusher is not so compatible with its discharging size in the upper crusher. The actual feeding size often exceeds the permitted size limit of the equipment, thus resulting in a serious wear to the upper crushing cavity and production decline. Therefore, we have optimized the feeding granularity and feed port in the production of the new series of ore crusher.

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