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Briquette machine
Briquette machine

Briquette machine

Briquette machine is mainly used to press powdery industrial wastes and dust to regularly shaped briquettes for further usage, reducing dust pollution and improcing resource utilization rate. 


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Briquette machine is applicable for making coal, coke, charcoal powder, iron powder, iron ore fine, iron scale, cast iron powder/borings, metal scrap chips, other mineral powder, refractory materials, ferrous and non ferrous turning and chips. Normally, the required size of raw material should be like dust or small chips, the size had better less than 3mm.

Briquette machine

The capacity of our briquette machine 1-30tph. Fote briquette machine has such advantages as high molding pressure, long service life, high quality and efficiency, convenient maintain and operation, low energy consumption, etc. Final use of the briquette is normally to melt or heat function.

Final Briquettes of Fote Briquette Machine

1. Shape: Can be round, pillow, oval.

2. Size: Changeable size 18mm-80mm, made according to clients requests.

briquettes briquetttes
briquettes briquettes

Requirement on Raw Material:

1. Size of raw material: according to some requirement

2. There shouldn't be any metallic material in the raw material to avoid damaging the surface of rollers.

3. Sufficient supply of raw material to make perfect and good-looking briquette

4. The moisture of material should be in some extent.

Briquette machine

Briquette Machine Manufacturer:

Fote Machinery is a professional enterprise specializing in all kinds of briquette machine and complete production line, the equipment can press powdery materials into ball one-time without any adhesives. Capacity and hardness of Fote briquette machine for sale are large, now our briquette machine have been put into production in many power plants and cement plants around the world with great effect. Here, Fote Machinery seriously promises that our briquette machine price is very reasonable, welcome customers from all over the world to visit our company.


Model Roller Diameter
Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Reducer
FTMQ290 290 1-2.5 5.5-7.5 350
FTMQ360 360 3-5 7.5-11 350
Heavy FTMQ360 360 3-5 7.5-11 400
FTMQ430 430 5-8 15 400
Heavy FTMQ430 430 5-8 15 500
FTMQ500 500 8-11 30 650
FTMQ650 650 10-15 37-45 750
FTMQ750 750 20-25 45 750
FTMQ850 850 20-28 55 850
FTMQ1000 1000 25-35 90 1000

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