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Cement grinding station
Cement grinding station

Cement grinding station

Production Capacity: 200 t/d-8,000t/d

Processing Materials: Clinker, Limestone, Mixed mterials generally include gypsum, fly ash, slag powder, etc.

Process Flow: Crushing-Grinding Mill-Powder Separator-Dust Collector-Packing Machine


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Brief Cement Grinding Station Includes:

a. Gypsum and blending materials crushing system

b. Cement proportioning and grinding system

c. Cement storage and bulk loading

d. Cement packing and finished- product storage.

Introduction of Cement Grinding Station:

1. Cement grinding station is the final products production phase, which is formed through separating the final production phase from the whole production line. During this phase, we can produce cement by adding moderate mixed materials in the clinker and grinding them.Cement Mill is the main equipment in the grinding system.

2. The cement production has main three procedures: raw meal preparation, clinker calcining and cement finishing. The supportive procedure is finished by cement grinding station, during which add moderate gypsum and some hybrid materials or additives in clinker and grind them.

3. At average, the cement grinding station should be built near market,reduce transportation costs and it is a environmentally friendly industry.

Cement grinding station

Client Case:

Take a cement grinding station with an annual cement output of 1 million tons in pakistan for an example.

1. It adopts a clinker and slag separation grinding technology, among which the clinker grinding adopts double circle extrusive combined grinding process which is made up of PFG120-50 roller press and Φ3.2m×13m cement mill;

2. The slag grinding adopts the circle flow grinding system which is made up of Φ3.2m×13m mill and high efficiency separator.

3. This grinding station is stable in production process, realizing the effect of high quality, high yield and low consumption.


Main Equipment and Techniques in the Production Line

1. The design of clinker grinding production line. It includes the weighing, metering and magnetic removing of gypsum, rotary kiln and limestone. The manufacturing process includes being crushed into material cake and scatted etc.

2. The design of slag grinding production line. It includes metering by belt weigher, grinding, magnetic removing, dust collecting and purifying of gypsum, dry slag and coal powder.

3. The design of mixing slag powder and clinker powder. The main standards are correct metering and even mixing.

Cement grinding station

Features of Cement Grinding Station

1. Simple manufacturing process, convenient operating.

2. Less equipment, less investment.

3. Electricity saving and environmental protection.

4. It can be mixed with more hybrid materials.

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