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Disk Feeder
Disk Feeder

Disk Feeder

Feeding Granularity: <50mm

Production Capacity: 14-80m³/h

Applicable Range: materials suitable for disk feeder are ore, pulverized coal, cement, clinker, limestone, clay and other powdery, granular and small block materials


  • dolomite
  • feldspar
  • fluorite
  • fly-ash
  • gold
  • more

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The main function of disk feeder is to supply materials to other machines. Using disk feeder can make sure that the materials evenly go into a machine, so that the next procedure can work normally, thus not only saving labor, but protecting the performance of the equipment and extending the service life of the whole production line. Disk feeder is an indispensable product among the ore beneficiation machines.

 The feeding mouth of the disk feeder is composed of receiving sleeve and the adjusting sleeve with adjustable height under the receiving sleeve. The materials fall from the receiving sleeve to the adjusting sleeve and leak from the gap between the disk and the adjusting sleeve and will be scraped from the disk by the scraper. Adjusting the gap between the adjusting sleeve and the disk and the position of the scraper can adjust the feeding amount. The size of the receiving sleeve and the adjusting sleeve is determined by the feeding amount per hour of the disk feeder and the radius of the disk. The adjustment of the height of the adjusting sleeve is completed through the movement up and down of the sleeve driven by the rotation of the threaded rod on both sides of the sleeve.


Specification Feeding Capacity
Motor Power
KR1000 14 7.5
KR1500 25 7.5
KR2000 100 7.5
BR1000 13 11
BR1500 30 11
BR2000 80 15

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